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CC-1 Scrooge – A Christmas Carol

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CC-1 Scrooge
Inspired by Charles Dicken’s classic novel, A Christmas Carol, Scrooge wears a red striped night cap, red nightgown and slippers. A little tail made of leather is the final, perfect touch. Piece measures 1.75 inches tall and 1 inch wide.

Item Description

Wee Forest Folk is a small family business which delights in producing a line of miniatures – most of which are mice.

Annette Petersen crafted her first little critter many years ago. Since then her children have learned the ways of the mice and have created their own! Each is a casting of an original piece sculpted by either Annette, Willy or Donna Petersen.

Meticulous hand painting brings each one of the sculptures to life. Wee Forest Folk® sculptures are created, produced and copyrighted by the Petersen family since 1972 and are made entirely in Carlisle, Massachusetts, USA.

Most sculptures 1 1/2 – 2 1/2 inches in height.